Overcome The Distortion

The conventional health & wellness model is misguided because it seeks to motivate change by selling into existing biases and allowing participants to define their wellness priorities based on those biases. This strategy merely perpetuates our deeply ingrained, but misguided notions. One of those reflexive biases is the notion that sleep is necessary for rest and recovery, but rest and recovery are expendable or can be deferred when productivity is on the line. That is patently false, not because rest and recovery should be forced, but because sleep is not rest and recovery. Sleep is an active orchestration of necessary processes that must occur, otherwise basic metabolic and mental dysfunctions WILL arise. Another bias is that nutrition-and-exercise consist of two ends of the caloric energy budget for weight loss. In the conventional view, nutrition is to reduce calorie consumption and exercise is to increase calorie burning— each side addressed only to weight loss. That too is patently false. Nutrition is the flexible metabolic alterations that the body makes under specific conditions for specific nutrients. Those nutrient-use specifics are what DRIVE the weight-maintenance challenges that we all face. Physical activity is not merely a weight loss tactic but a crucial output that many physiological processes anticipate, including metabolic and mental processes.

Our Approach




Address nutrition, exercise & sleep together.
Identify & remove the largest negative impacts.
PRIOTRITY THREE: Optimize/support the largest positive impacts.
STEP ONE: Look around a bit. Take the D&E Characterization or the F.U.S.S. Learning Module on this platform at your leisure, or transfer to the Nourish Sleep platform for a sleep assessment. We almost guarantee that you'll learn something new or interesting along the way.
STEP TWO: The assessments will provide you baseline grades. Follow-up paths are provided as warranted. You may use your member-code to access a whole library of related subjects that are linked seamlessly to present a single story of integrated lifestyle management.
STEP THREE: You may enact actionable steps to address the components of your lifestyle that you are interested in optimizing based on the information that is first presented in our tailored assessments, and then available in a deeper format via self-guided or guided learning sessions.
We help you see through the distortion in three simple steps. Step one, we point out the cultural-wide biases that relate to lifestyle choices so that we may pique your interest in delving a little further. Step two, we custom tailor our rapid assessment process based on your input and interests, and we tell you why we're asking specific questions along the way. Step three, we leave it up to you— not the reflexive biases that immediately come to your mind, but the attentive, volitional YOU that we have nudged to pay a little more attention to what you thought you already knew, so that you may take a deeper dive into the learning material or immediately seek guidance for aspects of your nutrition, activity & sleep patterns that you'd like to change. The assessments have been designed for follow-up with a credentialed expert. You may also return to these resources as references again and again.

The TriNourish Methodology

PRIORITY 1. Address nutrition, exercise & sleep together.
Basic research and clinical studies increasingly reveal the integrated links between sleep processes, metabolism and performance physiology. In particular, poor sleep quality sets in motion pathophysiological mechanisms that cause metabolic dysfunctions that lead to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, while also invoking hormonal environments that lead to poor nutrition. This vicious cycle is supercharged even further by physical inactivity due, in part, to abnormal nutrient-use patterns.
PRIORITY 2. Identify & remove the largest negative impacts.
Because common sleep disorders and poor sleep habits have an insidious, yet under-appreciated impact on basic health and performance, a priority step is to screen for common sleep disorders and educate candidates about those impacts. In practice, this requires more than rapid OSA screening of patients only after disorders are suspected, or listing "sleep hygiene tips" as an afterthought. Overcoming our reflexive ideas about sleep based on how we feel requires making it individually relavent. Effective nutrition and fitness strategies also require highly tailored situation-specific examples and contextual learning opportunities for participants.
PRIORITY 3. Optimize/support the largest positive impacts.
Harnessing the positive aspects of optimal sleep, nutrition, and activity patterns is not the mere removal of the negative impacts that create a massive drag on health and performance, it also requires a better appreciation for the specific areas that participants deviate from optimal patterns. For all of these priorities, one-size-fits-all sleep, diet, and fitness advice is the main obstacle that gets in the way of effective change. It is not only individualization and customization that makes a program effective— more importantly, it is contextualization.

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Begin with the Diet & Exercise Characterization to receive your Baseline Grades and follow up with an expert to address your weaknesses with a personalized plan or delve into the in-depth F.U.S.S. Module learning series under the Learning link. Alternatively, you may jump right into the F.U.S.S. series or transfer to the Nourish Sleep platform to take your comprehensive sleep assessments with educational resources.