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CHARLES H. CARVER, RPSGT, PES  is the founder and principle architect of The Tri-Nourish System and the program director of NOURISH SLEEP, the sleep quality optimization component of The Tri-Nourish System. Although formally credentialed in sleep diagnostics as a sleep technologist with over a decade of sleep diagnostic experience, Charles continues to work in collaboration with sleep specialists, fitness specialists, exercise physiologists, and registered dietitians to author the comprehensive Tri-Nourish implementation & education resources available to an expanding base of collaborators and their clients. 

Tri-Nourish has developed a proprietary assessment and education system that is administered under the direction of Charles in the context of either Nourish Sleep for sleep optimization alone, or the Tri-Nourish strategy of characterizing sleep, nutrition & exercise as an integrated lifestyle foundation for fitness facilities, staff members, registered dietitians, athletic instructors and their clients.

Contact us to set up a session to evaluate the potential of administering the Tri-Nourish model in your facility. Prospective clients may also contact Charles directly to inquire about an in-depth one-on-one consultation package with him, available through the Consult Carver link on the consultations page.