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Mark T. Cuatt is Founder of InnerTrition Supplements and Co-Founder of Tri-Nourish Education & Certification Resources. He is also Co-Owner of Tri-Nourish, Inc, along with his partner Charles H. Carver. Mark has degrees in Nutrition & Food Science and Dietetic Technology/Nutrition Care. He is also a registered and active member with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Sports Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutritionists (SCAN). In addition, Mark is a certified Exercise Physiologist with The American College of Sports Medicine. 

Mark has extensive experience in clinical work, educating and counseling patients with cardiac conditions, diabetes, COPD, and many other health issues prevalent in today’s society. He was instrumental in establishing a new wellness fitness center and several nutrition programs designed for adults above the age of fifty-five that bridged the gap with the medical community and the health and fitness continuum.

Mark's vision is to incorporate an integrated implementation strategy into the discipline of fitness and health club services. He is a leader and active member of the fitness and health club community. Although nutrition and fitness have been understood to comprise a two-sided relationship in the context of performance and health management for some time, the fitness industry has often opted to present itself as one-dimensionable. With the addition of the science of sleep quality to form the fundamental triad of Tri-Nourish, Mark has set his sights on introducing an integrated approach to the health and fitness environment by making sleep and nutrition expertise a basic part of the health club experience.

Although Mark is still available for individual consultations to implement his comprehensive approach (see below), he is increasingly involved with public outreach and other measures to communicate the need for contextually-based and individualized approaches to health and wellbeing. Moreover, Mark takes great pleasure in educating his listeners about the links between their daily nutrition and the mental and emotional wellbeing that they choose to either enact through their food choices, or radically diminish by way of bad choices or neglect. He has a broad network of friends involved with high-level performance activities, including athletics, coaching, power sports and body-building.

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To review a sample Diet & Exercise and/or Sleep Report from our Comprehensive 'Tri-Fold' Assessment,  click below. Following your Comprehensive 'Tri-Fold' Assessment, Mark will design a highly tailored nutrition, health management or performance strategy for you. The Comprehensive Tri-Fold Assessment with follow-up reports is available to participating facility members for only $149.00. Mark's customized Nutrition & Design Consultation Follow-Up is an additional $149.00, and is based on the high resolution Tri-Fold Assessment. Customized consultations with training may also be designed for weight management or athletic performance initiatives. To order any of these services, visit the STORE link at the bottom of every page.

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