Fuel-Use Sequential Steps

During Common Real World Situations

The most under-appreciated fact in the public's conception of nutrition is the fact that mobilized fats cannot cross the blood-brain barrier efficiently and are thus not readily utilized as a fuel source by the brain. This fact organizes the metabolic sequence by which we utilize and store our food-fuels throughout our body unless we engage in consistent physical activity, at which time skeletal muscle takes priority.
In the F.U.S.S. series you will discover that physical activity is not engaged by the body for weight loss, but for basic metabolic and mental functioning. In tandem with the Nourish Sleep learning section on circadian rhythm, this series offers a complete approach to health management and performance via the nutrition, exercise & sleep quality triad. See description and outline below.
Metabolism is situation-dependent. Even if you have mastered a complete list of "good" and "bad" macronutrient sources and percentages, you need to understand the basic shifts in fuel-utilization that the body transitions through under various situations, or else those "good" and "bad" nutrient ratios can lead you astray. This series provides that context. It demonstrates why dieting alone is not sustainable for health.

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Note: If you would like to review a Macronutrient Primer for information about specific nutrient categories, please complete Part 1 of the F.U.S.S. Module first. Additional resources, including our Macronutrient Primer, are available from the F.U.S.S. learning Module:

Have You Taken The D&E Yet?

The TriNourish Diet & Exercise Characterization requires the Member Code that you have been provided for access to the resources on this platform and the Nourish Sleep platform. The D&E session will report score-ranges for 4 principle domains. The domains consist of a single Exercise & Activity component and three Dietary domains including: (a) Glycemic Trends, (b) Portion Control, and (c) Dietary Beliefs. The goal is to generate Baseline scores to improve after follow-up. The Glycemic Trends (GT) score refers to a general pattern that reflects the distribution of food-fuels and the control of hunger throughout the day. The Portion Control score refers to awareness of combined portion sizes, and the Dietary Beliefs score factors in both autonomic/reflexive and fully aware patterns that are maladaptive to health. It is precisely these grades that a follow up nutrition consultation will assist you with. In addition, the F.U.S.S. Module helps contextualize the magic that occurs when your dietitian or nutritionist hands you a concise, easy to follow plan. Check with the host entity that provided you membership privileges for nutrition & fitness planning expertise based on your TriNourish assessment sessions.