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The Diet & Exercise Characterization from TriNourish

The Diet & Exercise Characterization constitutes the diet and exercise components of the TriFold Baseline Assessment. It provides baseline grades for belief, behaviors, and patterns associated with diet and exercise and is designed for contextualization by a dietitian or fitness instructor with expertise in sports nutrition. For self-directed participants, baseline domain scores are presented and passcodes will be provided for the self-guided resources. A one-on-one contextual follow-up is available through most host facilities.
The D&E session will report scores for 4 principle domains consisting of a single Exercise & Activity component and three Dietary domains: (a) Glycemic Trends, (b) Portion Control, and (c) Dietary Beliefs. The goal is to generate Baseline scores to improve upon after follow-up learning. The Glycemic Trends score reflects your general distribution of calories and hunger control throughout the day. The Portion Control score refers to awareness of combined portion sizes, and the Dietary Beliefs score reviews maladaptive patterns.
After your informative D&E Characterization session, you may utilize the same access code to investigate in-depth follow-up resources related to the session. In some facilities, you may also opt for a guided follow-up consult to review the session in tandem with the Nourish Sleep assessments, however, additional consults may be subject to fees. Self-guided resources are organized around the F.U.S.S. Module series. See below. For a sample set of dietary resources for clinical follow-up with a credentialed dietitian, see this sample set.

Why Continuity Review?

D&E Characterization

Use the member code that you have been provided for assessment access. During the D&E assessment, you will be provided your baseline component scores along with recommendations for specific sections of the F.U.S.S. Module.

Loading Instructions: After inputing your member access code, the assessment will load on its own page. You may select your answers by clicking on your choice or typing the letter that corresponds to your answer.
If a particular question is not viewable in its entirely on your monitor, simply click-and-drag near the question and adjust slightly up or down as needed.

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Putting It All Together

1 - Identify any sleep disorder risk factors or maladaptive beliefs or behaviors associated with sleep by going through the Nourish Sleep assessment process.
2 - Follow up with a clinician to confirm or rule out potential sleep disorders if suspected.
3 - Optimize your sleep quality by visiting the Circadian Rhythm Introductory pages on the Nourish Sleep platform.
4 - Identify significant diet and exercise weaknesses by going through the Diet & Exercise Characterization on this platform to receive your baseline scores.
5 - Seek nutritional or fitness counseling from a credentialed expert who will contextualize your baseline scores or generate a goal-specific plan for you.
6 - If your goal is weight loss, you will have very different requirements than if your goal is athletic performance. Remember that one-size-fits-all advice is irresponsible.
7 - Work through some of the F.U.S.S. Learning material to understand the main emphasis points that will help you apply a long-term view on nutrition and/or fitness programming.
8 - The introduction of exercise into a previously sedentary lifestyle requires careful planning so that physical activity will energize you and not act as an unrealistic stressor.
9 - If you are already a fitness enthusiast or serious athlete, remain open to new learning that may assist your performance or your capacity to remain consistent. An authentic balance may be achieved by valuing training, nutrition and sleep quality optimization.
10 - Experiment, fine-tune and adjust aspects of the integrated triad together. The more you put into your healthy base the more it will deliver for you. Be patient. You can't change ingrained patterns overnight.

What's The FUSS?

One of the most under-appreciated facts in the public's conception of nutrition is the fact that fats are not as readily mobilized from storage for energy as we normally believe. This fact organizes the metabolic sequence by which we utilize or store our food-fuels unless we engage in consistent physical activity. Learn more about F.U.S.S. below.