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Charles H. Carver, RPSGT, PES  is the Founder and Principal Architect of The Tri-Nourish System. Although formally credentialed in sleep diagnostics as a Sleep Technologist, Charles has worked in collaboration with sleep specialists, fitness specialists, exercise physiologists, and registered dietitians to author the more comprehensive Tri-Nourish Education & Assessment Resources on this site. 

In the domains of exercise and dietary science, Charles works with his partner, Mark T. Cuatt, founder of InnerTrition Supplements.  Tri-Nourish has developed a proprietary comprehensive assessment system that is selectively administered under the direction of Charles. 

In addition to sleep quality education in the context of health and  performance, Charles is an award-winning digital artist. His primary interest lies in the role of sleep to underly the basic creativity and "combinatorial freedom" that the mind enacts with the support of sleep processess in the brain. Charles brings his biological research background to the fore as he presents the material in a compelling form. To sign-up for a tailored consultation, review the instructions below. To review Charles' fine-art exhibit, visit



Charles offers a Comprehensive 'Tri-Fold' (3-part) Baseline Assessment with follow-up reports for clients. The high-resolution Tri-Fold Baseline Assessment is tailored and informative. It may be purchased as a stand-alone consultation and education program, or provided in tandem with customized nutrition design; with an option for tailored fitness training with Mark Cuatt. The fee for the Comprehensive Tri-Fold Baseline Assessment and consultation is $179.00. To follow up on your comprehensive evaluation Mark Cuatt's Nutrition & Design Consultation is an additional $149.00 (optional). These services may be ordered through the STORE link at the footer to each page.


The Tri-Nourish System does not operate independent of a responsible clinical care pathway as recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Screening does not constitute confirmation of a sleep disorder or lack thereof. Only a face-to-face clinical evaluation with a clinician or board certified sleep physician can affirm the necessity for further diagnostics or treatment. Our role is to educate you and provide you a rigorous, but highly tailored and comprehensive context regarding your specific sleep quality. We work seamlessly with a diverse array of clinical and educational resources to fulfill that mission.