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Even healthy young individuals alter their metabolic and nutrient use dynamics with poor sleep— often due simply to a shift in circadian rhythm or poor behaviors associated with sleep. Imagine, then, the great impact that common sleep disorders have on basic health and performance. We help trainers and facilities manage the sleep quality of their clients, and individuals learn about their own sleep  dynamics.

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The Tri-Nourish System is a set of tools designed for fitness facilities, athletic programs and preventative health providers to integrate a structured approach to sleep quality into existing exercise and nutrition services.

The Tri-Nourish System Sleep Quality Advocate Certification program with a Sleep Quality Implementation Packet  is available to participating fitness facilities, wellness plans and sports institutions.

For more information about the SQA certification and accreditation program, please select the BLUE  button below.

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To learn more about sleep resources available to clients, visit the link below. To review a sample Diet & Exercise and/or Sleep Report from our Comprehensive Tri-Fold  Assessment, offered in collaboration with InnerTrition, click below.

Contact us to schedule your 3-part assessment, or inquire at Member Services.

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