Sleep is not rest. Sleep is the time that nature orchestrates a symphony of processes that incorporate the work you've performed into your body and mind.


The body's nutrient use patterns are at the core of nutrition science, yet the steps the body goes through are counter-intuitive and widely misunderstood by even specialists.


Active  muscle has a basic role over and above the common function of "burning calories" for weight-loss. The body's sensitivity to insulin and its use of fuels is altered with exercise.


THe Tri-nourish system

The goals of a performance athlete are very different than the goals of a person seeking weight loss or optimal health, but the basic triad of quality sleep, nutrition & fitness are what engenders success for all of us. We teach you and your staff how.

The Nourish Portal is structured by the Tri-Nourish Method of addressing diet, activity and sleep as a single set of integrated processes. Tri-Nourish offers Sleep Quality and Integrated Nutrition certification courses to augment program services for fitness specialists, athletic institutions, registered dietitians and clinical wellness programs. Select Certification:

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to nourish

We integrate the three primary domains by addressing their seamless interactions in a shared physiology and metabolism. That is, after all, what nature does. Sleep is not an afterthought. Nutrition is not a diet. Exercise is not a weight-loss choice. When these issues are placed in their natural context— nourishment thrives.


the link between

sleep & metabolism

Poor sleep shifts the body's fuel use preference to a pattern similar to stress. The hormone cocktail favors increased hunger and snack frequency even while fat stores continue to be protected from utilization and lean tissue is broken down before fat is mobilized. 

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night-shift gardening

emotional pruning

When it comes to our emotional wellbeing, sleep is a principle factor. Sleep processes act like nature's gardener, pruning out the clutter and nourishing important connections in the brain. How does the gardener know what to attend to? By our feeling-directed associations. Sleep restores our emotional  balance.

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the cost of

poor sleep quality

Aside from the dire impacts of common sleep disorders such as sleep apnea on cardiovascular health, even young, healthy individuals shift their insulin and nutrient use patterns toward metabolic disorders with poor sleep. These effects accrue from poor sleep alone.

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cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia

the insomnia clinic


Well over 40% of the adult population reports difficulties initiating or maintaining refreshing sleep. The truth is there are many reasons for insomnia, and some overlap to make a vicious cycle. 


The Insomnia Clinic is brought to you by Tri-Nourish. In addition to providing reduced pricing to, we offer self-guided learning modules and guided comprehensive sleep assessments.

The Insomnia Clinic is a dedicated portal to address insomnia through education and offers reduced pricing to— a self-guided 16 week cognitive behavioral therapy program for insomnia.


You choose whether to enroll in directly, or partake of a guided assessment & education program to further identify your sleep issues first. If disorders appear to arise, we refer you to a specialist.

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